Tequila Wall

Just like any other drink, a margarita is only as good as its least tasty ingredient in it. At El Toro Bronco, we've pulled out all the stops and made 100% sure your margarita will be the best you've ever tasted - after all, we have a local reputation for the best margaritas in the region.

What makes a great margarita? It starts with a great tequila, but we also know that tequilas come in a wide variety of distinctive flavors and we offer you a range of choices - just look at our Tequila wall!

We offer the finest tequilas and deliver a well-made margarita that has the right balance of tangy, sweet, and slightly earthiness (that's the 100% agave). We offer margaritas that are true to our Mexican roots and made of quality ingredients. Come in, sit down, and choose your tequila ... we'll take it from there.