In the early 1960s, Octaviano Magaña left his home country of Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. Later, his wife Maria followed and they began raising a family and working the fields of California farms. The Magana family grew with three sons and a daughter and now ten grandchildren, and all the time they understood the best quality food comes from the freshest ingredients found locally.

In 1996, the Magañas decided to buy a restaurant from a friend. They restored the look, added mariscos (seafood) and menudo - Maria's own recipe - to the menu. Every one of the Magaña kids has worked in the restaurant over the years, so it is truly a family affair. Soon, the local community responded with high praise, voting El Toro Bronco the best Mexican restaurant for the twelve years.

El Toro Bronco serves the local community by hosting fund raisers, community events, family gatherings, and award banquets for local sports teams.

We take sincere pride in our food and in our customer service, and you always know that members of the Magaña/Mendoza family are behind every bite, every sip, and every memory at El Toro Bronco.